Kicking Bad Habits

28 Oct 2020

Our clients know the wealth behind good health in work and life…

How can good health impact your life?

A lot of our clients come to us on a regular basis as they know that their wellbeing is really important to be able to do what they love!

Whether that’s being able to get out and about, playing tennis, running, walking the dog or working without aches and pains.

Our goal is to keep you doing what you love without pain or restricted mobility.

Creating healthy habits…

Our regular clients have created good habits in their lifestyle to have routine MOTs with their physio, following through with their stretching, and regular exercise.

This helps them to prevent aches, pains and injuries that would be detrimental to their lifestyle, wellbeing and bank balance!

We all know that we should exercise more, stretch more and see our physiotherapist for regular MOTs but it’s easy for life to take over and your health and wellbeing to take a back seat.

Replace your bad habits...

What two bad habits can you change to positive ones in the next 30 days to improve your body and wellbeing?

Visualize seeing your end goal of being fit and healthy (or the superstar in your sport).

Find yourself an accountability partner in the early stages to get you on the habitual path of better lifestyle choices…

Just like brushing your teeth, once it’s ingrained it just becomes second nature.

So to recap...

  1. Change two bad habits…
  2. Cut out as many triggers as possible
  3. Join forces with an accountability partner
  4. Visualize yourself succeeding

Can one of our amazing physios help you?

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