Preventing Pain

04 Nov 2020

One of our main ethos here at Cirencester Physiotherapy Centre is the Idea of trying to prevent a problem. Prevention over Cure.

We try to achieve this by implementing certain strategies rather than wait to have to cure a problem.

The main reason for this is that it is a whole lot easier and a lot more efficient for you.

Do you work at a Desk?

This is highly important for individuals working at desk jobs for long hours under high levels of stress.

They are usually in the most severe need for physiotherapy and have the least amount of time to fit in an appointment. Therefore, the way we propose to help you get your life back is by restoring and focusing on your quality of life.

The 3-stage technique we use at Cirencester Physiotherapy Centre is;

  • To stress the importance of advice and education. So, in the 2-3 weeks after your first appointment, you start building an understanding of the cause of your pain. Then you can adapt your lifestyle to avoid these irritating movements to accelerate the speed of your recovery.
  • Teach you how to complete your own specific mobility and therapeutic exercises. So if any of your pain starts to change your quality of life you can complete a set of preventative exercises to stop any build-up of pain in its tracks.
  • The education of how important everyday exercise is. And the teaching of specific exercises so that when put into uncomfortable situations you are strong and stable enough to avoid injury.

Quality of life and doing the things that you love is a brilliant way of preventing pain from coming on from a physiological as well as psychological standpoint which we will cover in one of our other blogs on Workplace Wellbeing.

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