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What is a Footcare Specialist?

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Foot Health Practitioners

What is a Footcare Specialist?

A professional, caring foot care service, providing assessment and treatments, including routine nail cutting and alleviating the pain of corns, calluses, and ingrowing toenails.

Our work involves foot maintenance to make walking more comfortable. We treat individuals with conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, as well as those who want relief from foot problems such as corns. Some simply find it hard to reach their toes to trim their nails. Please note, some conditions such as ulcers are not covered and will be referred on to trained medical practitioners.

The clinic is run by Yvonne Lewis, a fully qualified and insured Foot Health Practitioner (DipCFHP). Her training took place at the College of Foot Health Practitioners in Birmingham.

As a Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) Yvonne carries out non-invasive external minor treatments. A podiatrist, on the other hand, will offer the additional services of assessment and treatment of the whole lower limb and can administer analgesia. The full skills of a Podiatrist are generally required in only a small proportion of cases.

If your feet hurt or you are having difficulty managing them, this is where we can help. Call today for specialist foot treatment, assessment, and advice.

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Our Physiotherapy Centre is located in Cirencester, one of the largest towns in Cotswolds. Schedule in an appointment with our podiatrist today to relieve pain and achieve optimal foot health.