Foot and Ankle


Common causes of Foot and Ankle pain

The foot and ankle are one of the best designed joints in the human body. Perfectly designed to be a shock absorber, as well as a leaver to propel you be it walking or running.

Because of this complexity, and the high amount of load placed upon the foot and ankle joint, it's common to get pain that lingers and can cause re-injury after re-injury.

Have you tried Multiple Forms of therapy with no luck at a permanent solution? At Cirencester Physiotherapy Centre we will not only teach you how to stop your pain but also show you critical strengthening essential for stopping pain.

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Why choose Cirencester Physiotherapy Centre to provide your treatment?

At Cirencester Physiotherapy Centre we focus on long term improvement through tuition on how to self-administer your own hands on treatment, supplemented by supplying you with a personalised training program through our interactive app. This focus sets apart from those who often avoid proper education and avoid supplying adequate exercises routines depriving patients of the only true way of avoiding a pain free life.

What treatment techniques do you provide?

At Cirencester Physiotherapy Centre we devote ourselves to following the most up to date treatment techniques governed by scientific research. This revolves around a mix of hands-on treatment, strengthening work and most importantly education about your condition.

What should I wear to my treatment?

Please wear something that you are comfortable in. Be aware we will have to expose your ankle and possibly up past your knees, so please wear leggings or shorts that you can roll up to expose this area.

How long is the treatment?

Each session lasts 30 minutes.

Are there any pains or injuries that can’t be improved with physiotherapy?

Thankfully no matter the condition be it arthritis to fractures physiotherapy plays a vital role in your rehabilitation, and most importantly the education on how to live a pain free life.


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